"Thinking back on my labor (from the things I remeber) you knew just the right words to say to keep me with it and you always knew where to touch me and you always smelled good to me. Thanks for all of that. I have no idea what would have happened without that...So so happy we had you"  -January 2016

"We were so lucky to have Grace Lombardo attend the birth of our son, Alex. Grace immediately responded to our phone call when we were ready to go into the hospital at 7pm on a Monday evening, despite an impending snowstorm. She was with us from the moment I was standing at the check-in desk and never left my side (unless I asked her to) until after he was born. She spent hours with me just walking the hallways of the delivery ward, keeping me entertained with conversations that provided a welcome distraction from contractions. Her assistance with helping hospital staff stick to our birth plan and keeping our families updated was invaluable. There were so many small details that needed to be handled and we were grateful for Grace's flexibility and ease in a moment's notice. I can't imagine how people go through the delivery process without a support like Grace! Giving birth could easily be a stressful, scary time but preparing our environment with Grace set us up for a comforting and peaceful experience."    -Allison and Nate

"Grace was an incredible help at the birth of our firstborn. She helped my husband understand what was going on with my contractions, helped me relax, and was a great support overall. She was as hands-on as we felt comfortable with, and anticipated my every need. She was key in helping to make our birth experience a positive one. Every other professional at the birth was there for the baby, but Grace was there for me." - Aimee

"When my first child was born I unfortunately had to have a c-section because we found out she was breech at the last minute. So, when I became pregnant with my second child I knew I was a good candidate for a VBAC and was determined to have one if possible. My ob/gyn was with me, but I was nervous about laboring with the increased chance of placental abruption so I though it would help if I found a doula. I was incredibly lucky to find Grace. She was available throughout my pregnancy to answer any questions or talk through any concerns. She was our advocate through it all. I cannot imagine the successful birth of my son without her and neither can my husband. She helped me make my own choices regarding my son’s birth and helped in the labor process more than anyone else could have. She was there for us however we needed her and collaborated with my nurse and doctor to help make my VBAC a success. My husband and I love her so much, if we ever were to have a third, I wouldn’t hesitate to have her by my side again."   -Samantha and Scott

"You are such an awesome doula and human being, I'm so lucky we were able to have your support and guidance. Thanks to you I had the birth I thought only existed for other people who are much luckier than me!! I feel healed :)"   -Jennifer