The 4 C's of Diamond Doula Care- Compassion, Comfort, Companionship & Collaboration. 


Sample of included services:
~Approximately 2 prenatal meetings depending on when retained
  -this includes birth planning as well as a 'dress rehearsal'
  -should one other visit be necessary for the client's comfort, this will be included at no extra charge.
~unlimited, round the clock access to your doula via text, email or telephone effective when services are retained and ending 2 weeks postpartum
~access to DDC's lending library of birth/pregnancy related books
~accompaniment from the beginning of active labor through 2 hours postpartum as long as breastfeeding has been established. If breastfeeding requires more assistance your doula will stay until that has been resolved.
~guarantee of a back-up doula should there be outstanding circumstances preventing your primary doula from attending
~1 postpartum visit

1/3 of the total charge is expected when paperwork is signed and DDC is officially retained. The balance is due within 30 days of baby's birthdate.
Should the fee be outside of the client's financial capabilities, a sliding scale will be instituted.


This is a wonderful service for a family that does not plan on having a doula at their birth, but desires some of the expert tricks of the trade a doula can provide.  Topics covered include, but are not limited to; comfort measure techniques, tips on patient advocacy, realistic expectations of the hospital and it's staff and a labor rehearsal.