Oct 17, 2012

I'm The New DONA Intl Illinois State Rep!

I am so thrilled and honored to announce that I have been appointed to the position of Illinois State Representative for DONA International!  Below is the article I wrote for the October eDoula newsletter regarding my appointment:

Illinois Welcomes New State Representative (SPAR)  By Grace Fauls Lombardo, CD(DONA)Northbrook, IL

Greetings doula sisters! My name is Grace Fauls Lombardo and I am your newly appointed Illinois SPAR (State/Provincial/Area Representative).  I applied for this position after a seed was planted in me at the 2012 DONA International Conference in Cancun this past summer. I was sitting poolside with some of DONA International's Board of Directors when they mentioned that there was no state rep for Illinois, my home state.  This was shocking to me on a few levels. One, I didn't know there was such a position and two, how could Illinois, with such a vibrant doula community, not have an official liaison?  I knew at that moment that I would apply.  

Until four years ago "doula" was just the word on my mom's license plate.  You're confused right? Well allow me to explain.   My mother has been a working doula for over 12 years and has had 'DOULA 1' as her license plate for most of that time making her somewhat of a local celebrity. During this time, I was graduating from college, moving to New York City, working in a fast-paced corporation and nurturing my relationship with the man who is now my husband. I knew the basics of what my mom did (something about helping pregnant ladies...?), but was too busy in my burgeoning life and career to put much thought into it. Fast forward to the pregnancy and birth of my first child in 2008 and BAM! It all slammed into focus. I got it and I wanted to be a part of it. 

Whatever genetic predisposition I had to this vocation kicked into high gear and I began my training. I certified with DONA International in summer 2011 and today, I maintain my personal doula business while raising my young family in the suburbs of Chicago. In case you are wondering, I have my application in for my very own personalized license plate, "DOULA II."  

Though I know that there are doulas all around me in Chicagoland and the great state of Illinois, I surprisingly know very few personally.  My goal as your Illinois SPAR will be to cultivate more of a community and allow us opportunities to get to know one another, learn from each other and grow as doulas and women.You can contact me at DiamondDoulaCare@gmail.com

Who's with me Illinois?!