The Diamond Doula is proud to be parterning with Ohana Parents,, to offer their incredible 6 week childbirth education series! Grace has been teaching the Ohana Method for two years and is thrilled to be able to continue to offer the series under the Diamond Doula Care umbrella.

Ohana childbirth classes are designed to cover the information most important to expecting parents as they prepare for their upcoming birth and the beginning of parenthood. Some childbirth classes offered by other organizations cover primarily natural pain management. Others, including most hospital-based classes, focus primarily on the medical side of birth. Ohana childbirth classes provide in-depth coverage of both natural birth techniques and medical interventions because we believe that parents are best prepared to make the decisions that are best for them — both before birth and during labor — when they understand their full range of options.

Classes are held in small-group settings at Grateful Yoga Evanston. Each class leaves time for questions and discussion to ensure personalized attention and facilitate connections among class members.

Childbirth classes cover:
  • Physical, emotional, and logistical preparation for labor
  • How to know when to go to the hospital (or to call your midwife if you are delivering at home)
  • What to expect at each stage of labor and delivery
  • Natural approaches for pain management including positions, breathing, relaxation, and massage
  • Medical approaches for pain management, including epidurals and systemic drugs
  • Explanation of medical interventions and procedures, including inductions, Cesarean sections, forceps and vacuum deliveries, etc.
  • Breastfeeding
  • Basic newborn care

Ohana classes draw from a variety of approaches and incorporate Lamaze, Bradley Method, Birthing From Within, and Hypnobirthing techniques.

Cost of the 6-week, 12 hour series is $300 per couple. This includes the class booklets and snacks. 

To sign up, please email for more information