You could say I took the long and winding road to becoming a doula. Little did I know, it was dangling right in front of me like a shiny diamond the whole time...

After earning my degree at the University of Colorado, I began working at Tiffany & Co., as I had always had a love for all things sparkly. Eventually, my career led me to the Tiffany & Co. Flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It was in this storied building that I met my husband, Joe. 

My career led me across the Avenue to Harry Winston where I was the Manager of Client Services for 4 years. Life was as fun and glamorous as you would hope, but there was always something missing. 

A few years down the road and newly married, we were blessed to be expecting our first child. This is where the change takes place... The exceptional gemstones that surrounded me every day at work suddenly paled in comparison to the diamond growing in my belly.

As it turns out, being a doula is in my blood. My mother, Mary Fauls, has been a working birth doula for over 18 years. She was 'hired' as our doula for the birth of our son.  It was as Luca was being born that everything I had heard my mother talk about in regards to her doula career crystallized into perfect focus. This was IT, this is what I was meant to do. I felt empowered to help other families attain their perfect birth.

I began my doula training in early 2009 and after the birth of our daughter Cecilia in 2010, became a certified birth doula with DONA International. I still love sparkle, but now I see it most clearly in the glimmer of a pregnant woman's eye or in the radiance of her baby growing within.

I have attended hospital births, homebirths, un-medicated births, epidural assisted births, Cesarean births and VBAC births. To me, they are all just birth, no descriptor necessary.  No matter how your baby enters the world, I will be there to help you achieve your best birth. 

Diamonds are one of the earth's most precious and perfect creations. So is your baby. Your baby is your very own diamond. You created it, you nurtured it, you molded it into it's most perfect state. When the time comes to prepare to meet your baby, allow yourself the luxury of the support you deserve. I am committed to be there throughout pregnancy and birth to help you welcome your brilliant little treasure into the world.